Saturday, 3 May 2014


Project Evaluation
Despite a few issues during the duration of the project with teaching this unit has allowed my to develop my technical ability within makeup and hair to a high standard. I have used primary research on collaborative shoots to develop specific skills required to achieve highly polished final outcomes. Working to produce makeup looks with other creative has pushed me out of my comfort zone, allowing me to produce looks I would usually steer clear of. This shoots also made no room for mistakes, so instead of just quickly practising looks before my own shoots I have practised my makeup looks to achieve a professional finish.
Having a variety of different artists in from industry has taught me priceless skills in a very short space of time. With out them I would not have the technical knowledge used in order to produce the looks I created.
Within my final imagery I feel I have used a variety of different skills to produce looks that are very different from each other, but still work well together for my brand portfolio. Developing a theme was key in order to produce the looks so they would be consistent. I really enjoyed the brief as it gave us the opportunity to work how we would in industry.
I have taken my makeup application from a very creative artistic style to a highly polished beauty finish. Focusing on perfect application and learning how to create different effects using a variety of products. I feel this was also demonstrated within my timed assessment piece, although still creative, I feel I achieved a look that still looks professional and polished. Knowing what effect each product was going to create was key to creating this look within the time we were given. 

Thursday, 1 May 2014


'The power of social media'
After completing my timed assessment I posted a picture on my Instagram profile tagging Illamasqua as inspiration. To my delight they re-posted my image on their profile! This was an amazing confidence boost as the brief required the looked to be inspired by Illamasqua and they must have agreed it fitted this to post it on their page. I gained over 2000 likes on their profile and acquired over 100 followers on my own personal makeup profile. It just goes to show what power social media holds.


Illamasqua heavily feature contouring through out their campaigns. I have played about with this idea combining texture and shading to add an out of this world dynamic to the over all look. The textures created are inspired by animal skin and the colours created by Bactria. I want to take a real natural approach to the inspiration of my final look. Going back to patterns that are created completely natural to inspire a design that is forward thinking and unique. 

Practising the look before the assessment was essential to ensure I would know exactly what I was doing at each stage of the assessment. I was also able to establish whether the look would be achievable within the allocated time. 

Combining natural textures and colours from nature. The beauty of nature is incredibly breath taking and often over looked. In a world of synthetic creations we often forget how nature can produce such incredible visuals without the aid of technology. We often forget how true beauty lies within what is natural and untouched.  

Wednesday, 30 April 2014



Paul & Joe focus a lot on natural makeup. To create my metallic look I need to combine soft beauty with a hint of metallic. Initially I was unsure how I would be able to create this as I did not want to go over the top with metallic products. I have decided on a silver graphic liner. Through out this project my liner skills have grown and grown. I feel a liner would create a more subtle look that a metallic smokey eye. Using pastel pinks across the rest of the face with a berry stained lip will really tie into my brand. I will use a gold highlight on the cuspids bow to add another dynamic of metallic to the look.

I will feature a messy plait look in this image. Paul & Joe and very soft and feminine and a structured plait would not fit with my brand identity. Instead I will loosely plait he hair leaving small sections to fall around the face creating a softer finish which will frame the face.  



Bold contrasting orange and pink lip. Dynamic texture created by keeping one lip matte and one glossy. 

Flawless natural fair skin, contrasting against vivid red hair with a bold pop of colour on the lips.

Painting to me is a great way for me to design a look and really be able to visualise the final outcome. I want to keep the rest of the makeup very subtle so the full attention will be one the lip. For my model choice I want to find a beautiful red head that will fit the soft feminine natural feel of my brand.


Friday, 25 April 2014


Graphic liner is something so timeless and has to be my favourite type of eye maker. I feel using black liner is just to obvious. Instead I have taken influence from Paul & Joe's brightest product from their line which is a hot pink lipstick. Instead of using it on just the lips I will create a stand out liner look. I will keep the pink theme running through out the look, creating a Bee stung lip with rosey pink cheeks. The hair will be kept very slick and perfected. 

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Final Images


This bird was something I have had in my mind since I visited the Paul & Joe counter back at the beginning of the project. The soft browns contrast beautifully against the delicate blue and green tones of the feathers. My brands look is very natural so creating a very soft smokey look is essential, it can't be too heavy or over the top. 

For the makeup I want to keep the colour palette very natural using soft browns and pinks. The look will be very warm and delicate. I will combine this with a lot of texture in the hair which will add a feminine touch to the look. To pull the look together and incorporate the theme of the humming bird I have found a beautiful floral crown to style the shoot.

Soft, smokey, feminine